Your company’s greatest need is the right use of technology, And that’s the driving force behind our solutions


The right use of technology significantly influences a company’s ability to deliver services to customers, providing a core value proposition and fundamental differentiator in the market, and business drivers and outcomes should be the guiding rail technology decisions are based on. As this is our clients’ greatest need, it is the driving force behind On The Edge Professional Services.

How we work

  • Where: On Site, In DC, In the cloud
  • What: Advisory Services, Cloud Services, Managed Services, Technical Services

What we provide

  • Expertise: Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Networking, Business Solutions
  • Services: Advisory Services, Cloud Services, Managed Services, Technical Services
  • Insights: Infrastructure, Connectivity, Security, Applications

Successful Infrastructure and Application Projects Need Skill and Experience

  • We understand how successful infrastructure and application projects are achieved. We leverage our broad range of specialised technical skills and extensive experience in conjunction with our partnerships to provide our clients the critical technical resources needed for modernising their IT infrastructure and application lifecycle capabilities.
  • Our team not only lifts and shifts workloads, but looks at the business to discover and implement efficiencies, modernised operations, and open opportunities for access to new markets, new revenue streams and increased growth.
  • No matter where you are in your digital transformation strategy, our expertise provides you with strategic guidance towards optimised and transformed technology services. We deliver solutions from within your datacentre, from the cloud, and a hybrid of both, across numerous countries, and in differing technical and regulatory environments.
  • At On The Edge, we are committed to customer experience. We are focused on collaborating closely with all stakeholders, driving the implementation objective, through accountability, from the start of a project to its completion, and beyond.
  • Our Virtual Teams comprise representatives from all relevant functions a project needs: Sales, Business Solutions, Technical and Project Management. We seamlessly augment and extend your inhouse and outsourced IT competence.

Our 15 years’ experience advantage

Having operated within the industry for more than 15 years, On The Edge Professional Services has a vast network of expertise and partnerships across the ICT sector from which to draw, including datacentre design, Wide-area and Local-area networks and related services. This enables us to holistically, review, advise and support business-critical infrastructure from LAN to (SD)WAN. We provide scalable solutions for the needs of a small business to those of telecommunication networks.


Service Overview

A well-architected cloud service can provide efficiencies, savings, scalability, stability, redundancy, and security, while remaining agile to changing business needs. On The Edge has built services which deliver these benefits while guiding clients as they move to the cloud:

  • Advisory Services – Strategy and roadmap development
  • Technical Services – Deployment and remediation of technical solutions
  • Managed Services – Infrastructure and Application Support
  • Product and Service Development – Community Cloud Platforms
  • Migration Services – Lift and shift infrastructure and applications
  • Discovery and readiness assessments

Advisory Services

The benefits of cloud can often only be tapped into when an application, or infrastructure, is redesigned and deployed with cloud native technology components. Too often, businesses lack the technical resources, time or knowledge needed to smoothly migrate applications across technologies and platforms, resulting in business risk, disruption, and downtime. Unforeseen complications often stall migration processes increasing the forecasted costs.

On The Edge looks at the existing ecosystem and advises on modernisation strategies. This includes discovery, remediation and improvement plans that outline the path to digital transformation and modernisation strategy.

The aspects of this service include

  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking

Cloud Strategy and Enablement

Successful migrations are built on a detailed understanding of business priorities, engaged stakeholders, clear architectural principles, and a validated view of your target platform. We provide support in selecting a cloud platform or developing an architecture framework for your unique environment.

Cloud Architecture Principles

Strong architecture frameworks and design principles de-risk and future-proof your application environments. We design and apply pragmatic architecture, engineering and migration controls that help shape your approach to platform adoption.

Cloud Decision Maker

We remove subjectivity and ambiguity from your platform choices. Our consulting architects apply a battle-tested, structured assessment approach, collaborating with you to determine and test which cloud platforms and services best fit your overall cloud adoption strategy and business objectives.

Technical Services

On The Edge provides the technical skills and resources to help with infrastructure and application deployments, providing assistance on projects that may lack the required skills or project resources.
We pride ourselves on collaborating with stakeholders and third-party vendors to see a project initiative succeed.

Managed Services

Prepare for a future in the cloud and get the most out of your existing hardware and legacy applications. On The Edge is uniquely positioned to provide core application support to your business. This support goes way beyond being able to look after your existing Windows, and Linux servers, as well as their underlying infrastructure and management processes. On-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid, we have access to expertise in ERP, HCM, and CRM, with comprehensive governance, security, and management practices.

Our proactive approach will help you evolve your cloud operating model and modernising your approach to service management.

Migration Services

We architect the cloud environment from the ground up. Our teams have the strategy, planning and execution expertise needed to provide efficient and successful project execution across most application migration scenarios while protecting your business.

Our Approach to Migration Consulting

  • Custom Migration Plans: Become knowledgeable about your business context and user requirements and build out your aligned migration plan.
  • Stakeholder Alignment: Define your optimal target state with your stakeholders, ensuring ownership and business buying.
  • Program Confidence: Identify the best candidate applications for your first transition to gain experience and quick wins early on.
  • Proven Framework: With our tried and tested methodologies, migrations are repeatable, robust, and rapid.
  • Shared Responsibility: We champion you through your entire migration, all the way to production operation in your unique environment.

Product and Service Development

Some service-based clients’ aggregators require new operating models and platforms to provide new or improved services to their customer base.

Our extensive experience, specifically within the fintech vertical, in building multi-tenanted platforms and community clouds are perfect for this. They provide common, standardised processes and procedures which, in turn, offer specialised applications and services to this community.


As your digital footprint expands, so does your risk from cyberattacks. Comprehensive protection within your digital infrastructure is essential in protecting your business. Combining our understanding of digital infrastructure and cyber security ensures an embedded control and prevention measure to ensure security-by-design.

A security breach will not only cost you revenue, but potentially disrupt operations, damage your reputation, and lose your customers’ trust. IT security and compliance are non-negotiable when it comes to regulatory requirements, as well as protecting business practices and retaining your customers.

Our Approach to Modernizing Compliance and Security

  • Risk Assessment: Assess the security posture of your infrastructure, application, data, and security compiling a risk analysis profile.
  • Compliance Report: Conduct a detailed analysis of your IT footprint which is assessed against regulatory frameworks to identify gaps in compliance.
  • Planning: Draw up a remediation and security plan, prioritising the resolution of identified risks and security vulnerabilities.
  • Testing: Identify web and network vulnerabilities, with both manual processes and probes deployed into your network. These perform penetration tests and vulnerability scans, proactively identifying web and network vulnerabilities before hackers find them.
  • Remediation: Execute remediation efforts, sharing the responsibility for successful delivery with your team.


On The Edge provides expert assistance in addressing your toughest challenges, including refactoring applications and guidance on maximizing the value of your existing hardware investment.

Business Solutions

IT Landscape Discovery

Our IT Landscape Discovery Service quickly uncovers your entire IT landscape to inform decisions on architectural constructs and integration touchpoints.

Application Management Services

Our extensive partnerships provide us with capabilities that allow us to support a wide range of core business applications and the underlying infrastructure and management processes they require.

Application Implementation Services

Our objective is to clear the path and minimise risk while enabling you to take maximum advantage of your new technological investments. We offer the skills required for project management, application configuration, and solution design, to meet your enterprise’s needs.

Cloud Services

Cloud adoption is typically a technology-driven program. Operational management often becomes a secondary consideration. But the processes, SLAs and KPIs in both are different. Let us help evolve your cloud operating model for an improved and effective end-user experience.

Our Approach to Simplifying Business Operations in the Cloud

  • Operations Insight: Assess the operating environment, processes, and capabilities, and provide in-depth insight to form a baseline for success and measuring progress.
  • Increased Change Cadence: Design a future-state operating model – taking a modern service management approach enabling more rapid business change.
  • Sustainable Catalogue: Design a sustainable service catalogue profiling service priority and criticality, outlining use cases and automation opportunities.
  • Increased Efficiency and Reduced Risk: Identify and engage key stakeholders, taking a proactive approach to aligning business and technology functions creating efficiencies and reducing risk.
  • Flexibility to Accommodate New Initiatives: Build and implement a Service Management Office for sound governance and continuous service improvement, with the flexibility to accommodate change.
  • Navigate Complex Multi-Cloud Architectures: Design frameworks and environments through an agnostic architecture perspective in the complex and evolving multi-cloud world to prioritise ongoing optimization, continuous improvement, and ease of management.

Our Approach to Navigating Complex Multi-Cloud Architectures

  • Alignment with Business Strategy: Identify the specific business drivers behind your architectural decisions and design an enterprise architecture approach aligned to your business strategy.
  • Accelerated Outcome Delivery: Support your initiatives with consistent, high-quality design and build services that accelerate your outcome delivery.
  • Reduced Risk: Provide accurate cost modelling for your target operating architecture, with informed business cases that reduce risk and uncertainty.
  • Decision-Making Confidence: Establish architectural principles that work for your business, providing you with clear guidance and decision-making confidence.
  • Optimized Performance: Ensure you are continuously on top of emerging best practices and optimal performance.

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